Career Tracks

We understand that growth and development are essential to career satisfaction. They’re also vital for keeping our company at the forefront of the energy industry. That’s why we encourage our employees to grow with us.

Luminant offers a variety of career tracks to help you advance to the top of your field, whether you’re a degreed professional or skilled worker at our operations facilities. We also help you develop the leadership skills to move up in management.

Luminant Internship Program: Ready for a career in energy, but still stuck in the classroom? Intern with Luminant and see firsthand the opportunities an industry leader can offer. Luminant’s internship program provides students hands-on experience in the exciting world of energy. Our internship program prepares students for their careers, allows them to develop the necessary skills to succeed and gives them a real-world perspective on the many roles available to them in the energy industry. We encourage you to take a look at our available internships. Apply Now.

Military Hiring Program: Luminant maintains a commitment to hiring transitioning military veterans after they’ve finished serving our country. In fact, veterans play an essential role at Luminant, accounting for more than 15 percent of our employee base. In support of this valuable group and the diverse range of professional backgrounds they have to offer, Luminant is proud to take part in a national veteran mentoring program designed to assist veterans in their career development. Many of the military veterans employed at Luminant serve as mentors to new veterans as a way to help minimize the transition time to the civilian workforce. Interested in working for Luminant? Search our careers.