Military Veterans

Our Commitment

Luminant maintains a commitment to hiring military veterans who have honorably served our country. Luminant is a proud supporter of our military veterans, and we greatly appreciate the service they provide at home and abroad.

Our Careers

Our military employs a diverse, skilled workforce who can be a tremendous asset to Luminant’s team. In fact, veterans, guardsmen and reservists play an essential role at Luminant, accounting for more than 15 percent of our employee base. While some jobs are easily transferable, like Navy nuclear operators, others offer professional backgrounds and leadership skills which are ideal in the energy industry. Interested in learning more about these opportunities? Search our careers.

Our Efforts

In support of this respected group and the diverse range of professional backgrounds they have to offer, Luminant is proud to take part in a national veteran mentoring program through American Corporate Partners, which is designed to assist veterans in their career development.

Also, in order to better support and value the employment of members of the National Guard and Reserve, we have partnered with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) to further develop and promote a supportive work environment for service members in the Reserve and National Guard. Many of our employees, both military and civilian, serve as mentors to new veterans as a way to help minimize the transition time to the civilian workforce.

Luminant also focuses on additional outreach efforts through regular attendance at military career fairs and other engagement opportunities, specifically in search of skilled veterans, guardsmen and reservists to join our team.

Our Veterans

What’s it like to work for Luminant? The people who can tell you best are the ones already working for us.


Chad Adamson

National Guardsman and Liberty Mine mine supervisor

Chad Adamson

“Coming to work at Luminant has been great for me. The company is truly supportive of my service in the Guard, not to mention that you won’t find better people to work with than you will here at Luminant. I’d encourage any serviceman or woman to consider giving this company a look when determining your career options.”


Learn more about the career opportunities Luminant has to offer by visiting our careers page.