Our People

What’s it like to work for Luminant? The people who can tell you best are the ones already working for us. Hear what they have to say for yourself and learn more about our hometown friendly culture, career tracks, community involvement and daily life working at Luminant.


Rob Daniels

Nuclear Unit Supervisor and Military Veteran

Rob Daniels

Crystal Turner

Mine Planning Engineer and Former Luminant Intern


Erin Fischer

Nuclear Motor Component Specialist

Cliff Watson

Plant Director

Stafford Thompson

Mining Preventative Maintenance Supervisor

Stafford Thompson, Luminant Careers

Adit Garg

Plant Operations Shift Supervisor

Gabe Campos

Nuclear Operations Instructor

Julie Prejean

Chemical Environmental Supervisor

Hector Joiner

Nuclear Operating Experience Coordinator

Roosevelt Moore

Shift Supervisor

Steven Nowak

Nuclear Plant Safety Manager