Luminant has served the power needs of much of Texas with a legacy that stretches back 130 years to 1882, when the first electric light brightened the Dallas night. Our company has grown and evolved to diversify our fuel supply and meet the dynamic needs of our state. Throughout decades of change, we have remained an employer of choice and a leader in environmental stewardship.

Key Milestones

1882 First electric lights illuminate Dallas with service provided by a forerunner of our family of companies.
1926 Trinidad Unit 1 comes on line as the only lignite plant in Texas and the biggest in the U.S. to use lignite exclusively.
1947 For the first time, air conditioning establishes the company as summer peaking rather than winter peaking.
1948 Handley Unit 1, the industry’s first outdoor generator, comes on line (sold in 2001).
1952 New subsidiary is formed to mine lignite and operate an early lignite plant built to serve an aluminum facility in Rockdale in Central Texas.
1953 Company installs its first boiler-turbine-generator control board on a power unit in Dallas.
1954 Lignite is used to provide electricity for aluminum production for the first time at a smelter in Rockdale, Texas.
1968 Joint lignite program begins, which will add 10 new generating units and six million kilowatts.
1971 Big Brown Unit 1 in Fairfield comes on line, first of the modern lignite units.The one-of-a-kind Environmental Research Program is created with a laboratory and lodging center established at Big Brown.
1974 Construction begins on Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.
1988 Company installs first combustion turbine generation for quick-starting capability.
1990 Comanche Peak Unit 1 begins commercial operation.
1993 Comanche Peak Unit 2 begins commercial operation ending 20 years of major power plant additions.
2005 Plan to build three new coal units — Oak Grove units 1 and 2 and Sandow  Unit 5 — is announced, beginning the largest construction program since the 1970s.
2008 Luminant Academy formed to provide state-of-the-art employee training.
2009 Luminant receives an unprecedented fifth Director’s Award from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining for advancing the science of reclamation. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Luminant establish joint venture to further the development of the proposed Comanche Peak expansion. The 580-MW Sandow Unit 5 project begins commercial operation.
2010 The two 800-MW units at the Oak Grove Power Plant begin commercial operation, concluding Luminant’s ambitious 2,200-MW, three-unit, $3.25 billion construction program. Luminant transitions to new ERCOT nodal energy market.
2011 Luminant Power Track becomes first career-development program of its kind in the U.S. Oak Grove Power Plant accepts Power Plant of the Year award from Power Magazine.